Know These New Marketing Tips to Maximize Returns from Customers


The passage of time has changed the traditional marketing mix of a business from the traditional key elements to new marketing mix that would ensure the success of a business in today’s modern and competitive world. These new marketing mix are said to be the 7 P’s which are product, price, placement, promotion, physical evidence, process and people. Businesses today are using a unique combination of all of these marketing elements in order to strive for the highest customer satisfaction levels. Find out for further details on Pixel Productions Inc.  right here.

With regards to product, you have to ask the question of what distinguishes your product from the rest of the other products in your industry. Even if there is a standard quality and service in the establishment of a performance, still your product or service has to be made unique and much better than that of the competition. This goes to say that to have a unique selling proposition is a mission that is critical to the success of your business, and that customer satisfaction is of vital importance for your product or service.

Next is the price, which means you have to consider that your target market sees your product having an affordable price. A target market which is not willing to or able to buy your product or service will lead you no chance to make your business a success. It is therefore very important that you consider your target, which means if the price of your product or service is higher than competition, you have now the objective of convincing your market that there is value of the premium price you offered.

Another important element so you can capture your market is to place your products and services at an accessible location and thus convenient to buy for your customers. This means, if your customers cannot find you then they cannot of course buy from you. Those businesses who are offering online sales, must also consider carefully how their customers go through the process of shopping online. If you have a difficult process, then that is again a barrier to your sales. Thus know where your target market shops and lives so that you can put your products or services up front where they can see you and learn about you.

The next critical aspect of marketing is promotion, which means that promoting your products or services using the right channels or not the right ones will break or make your exposure. Consider the returns or advantages of promotion using radio or broadcast television. They could be expensive but may not reach the people you are aiming at to buy your products. If your channel is through online, find and search the best engine optimization for your advantage by finding the right or nearest keyword search terms to bring in more amount of traffic for your site. Take a look at this link  for  more information.


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